Illustrations for the new Ghost in the Shell film released March 31st 2017.

I had the great privilege of being invited by Paramount Pictures to the set in Wellington, New Zealand last year to join a small team of artists from around the world. We were given an exclusive tour of the sets, vehicles, props, pre-production visuals and costumes that shaped the film with the aim being to inspire us to create pieces in response to the experience. It was an unforgettable few days and I was lucky to meet some amazing people including the key creatives and crew working on the film.

On a tour of the amazing Weta Workshop we were shown a beautifully crafted Kimono in the costume department which was the inspiration behind the first piece.

For the second illustration, I wanted to do something that contrasted with the predominantly dark tone of sci-fi noir and that reimagined an iconic scene from the original anime within the visual world of the new film.
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